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When in a place like a hospital, rehab or even a nursing home we all wants to hear is “You can go home”! However, for a senior who lives alone, these words might also be the hardest ones to bear: “How am I going manager on my own, make flow up appointment with the doctor?” how am i going to drive myself, how about my medications. these are only some of the few question.

Avoid Re-Hospitalization or rehab

Patients are readmitted to the hospital within a month of discharge, and about a third were back in the hospital within three months. Unplanned return visits can be made lower by having the right home care . Most of these readmission’s are avoidable.

Re-Hospitalization Statistics

Study by Gerontological Society of America
⦁    People who lived alone had 50% odds of re-admission within 60 days.
⦁    People who lacked self-managing skills had 44% odds of early re-admission.

How Can Hands of Wellness help

we are here to help you feel secure, safe and comfortable to reduce the chances of re-hospitalization by coordinating your transition from the hospital or rehab facility to your place of resident.

Post Surgery / Post Hospitalization Home Care Services
⦁    Clear communication of discharge orders to patient and family.
⦁    Transportation from facility to the home.
⦁    Make appointments with physicians and labs or tests within seven days of discharge.
⦁    Pick up any prescriptions and explain the use of medications to prevent any errors.
⦁    Fax discharge orders and new prescriptions to your Primary Care Physician remind you when to take your medications.
⦁    Organize delivery of any Durable Medical Equipment.
⦁    Coordinate physical, speech and occupational therapists.
⦁    Help set up your home to make it a safe environment.
⦁    Prepare meals with special dietary instructions given by medical professional.
⦁    Help with light housekeeping, laundry and errands.
⦁    Fall prevention.
⦁    Transportation service to and from doctor’s appointments.
⦁    Clean up your refrigerator and buy any groceries you may need and more.

Why Choose Us

Our Committed CARE TEAM. Your Neighborhood Care Team has been repeatedly recommended by clients to their friends and family. With their trust, our company grew and we are grateful for every opportunity we are given to care for families in their homes.

Our CARE TEAM are professional and Trained certified home caregivers and companions, well-trained AND also compassionate we love senior care but not limited.






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